Our Mission

We are committed to providing safe and reliable transportation service to and from Cuenca and throughout Ecuador.

Our new wider partnership offers transportation services to any destination in Ecuador🇪🇨 All you need to do is to call or send a message to Nestor Reinoso & Transtours Ciudad Roja Cia Ltda. to address all your transportation needs.

How We Work


I usually take the bus or van to GYE but occasionally – due to various circumstances – I call upon Nestor. He never lets me down, whether he or one of his drivers is doing the driving. This past Thursday night I had a midnight arrival to GYE and Nestor’s driver Brian was there to

Richard Morris -

Nestor is the absolute best! He’s fluent in English and self taught. He picked it up hauling gringos. He’s honest, safe and fast. He shows up on time. He has several drivers, so always call Nestor first.

Shiva's Angel -

We’ve also used Nestor’s services many, many times. We’ve used him for 2 passengers, up to 14. He has a vehicle for every need….and they are always very clean, and with working air conditioning! When he says he will be there…..rest assured that he WILL be there.

Mark E. Campbell -

Our Company

Nestor Reinoso, along with Transtours Ciudad Roja Cia Ltda., have been servicing locals and tourists for more than 12 years with reliable, affordable transportation services.

Whether you are a holiday traveler, tourist, or traveling for business, Nestor Reinoso & Transtours CIUDAD ROJA CIA LTDA. will provide you with a safe and comfortable vehicle and a relaxing trip where you only have to worry about you.

Our experience professional team pride themselves on providing years of dedicated and courteous transportation solutions that will make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Your safety is extremely importance to us. We make sure that each of the independent vehicle operators we work with are highly trained and qualified for their job, while also being 100% insured.

Nestor Reinoso & Transtours Ciudad Roja Cia Ltda. offer a large transportation fleet in Cuenca and throughout Ecuador🇪🇨 We provide the area’s widest selection of clean and comfortable vehicles; SUVs, Vans, microbus, and busses that accommodate anywhere from 3 to 40 passengers, for those large transportation needs.

We operate 24 hours a day to assist you with your transportation needs.